Hearts Besieged by Sin

June 23, 2024

Our Pastor, Dean Jones shared a message that should make everyone stop and examine the condition of their heart. Is it besieged by sinful thoughts, feelings, creating deeds that are contrary to God's law of Love?

John 12: 12-19 When Jesus came riding into Jerusalem upon the ass <which is a symbol of humility> the people cried Hosanna Hosanna which is an exclamation of adoration towards Christ. The people's adoration was short live with the evidence of just a few days later they cried crucified him.   The thought for us today is when we have need of him for our benefit we cry out Hosanna but when it comes to experiencing his humility we cry crucify him.  We do not want any part of His Humility! We must examine our hearts daily for the purpose of understanding how much of our heart is besieged by sin!