Wednesday Night Bible Study

March 21, 2024

HillTop Bible Fellowship Wednesday night Bible study. Lives being changed through the fellowship of truth and the body embracing each other as Christ embraces each person of His Body.  Healing, Restoration, Enlightened Eyes, Renewal, and so much more. This Wednesday night we allowed the Holy Spirit to move as He saw necessary, and we experienced his power to move in the heart of one of our own. As the Pastor stated, now this is "church". The True Gospel is about the liberty we experience in Christ. Truth comes to bring freedom to the broken heart, and the captives being set free. Thankful for a pastor and elders that will allow the Holy Spirit to move within our studies per the needs of the people. Such an exciting Wednesday Night! Joy Unspeakable!

We extend an open arm invitation to come join us on our Wednesday night Bible studies. 6:00p.m..You will experience friendliness, warmth, and above all hungry hearts longing for Truth and a passion among God’s people to share the Joy of our  Lord. Come on and experience Love, Light, and Life.